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The History of Mead and the Romantics:

In ancient times and not so long ago, mead was drunk in ceremonies as a celebration, among many others. Particularly in Love Union celebrations; the couple had to drink mead on their wedding night during a specific lunar cycle to enhance fertility, hence the origin of the ‘Honeymoon’Toasting with mead is toasting to life, which makes it so special.

Events, weddings, and celebrations:

We adapt to all event formats and celebrations.

We offer:

  • Bottles of 100ml-250ml as gifts for your guests.
  • Baskets with our different varieties.
  • Rustic stand with decoration – with or without service.
  • Barrel and personalized production.


6-8 months in advance for preparations and production.


Upon request

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We adapt to all event formats and celebrations.

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