Connecting with History

What is Mead and Where Does It Come From?

This unique elixir traces its origins back to prehistory, where the accidental mixture of honey and fermented water gave rise to one of the earliest alcoholic beverages known to humanity.

In ancient Egypt, mead was considered a sacred beverage, associated with fertility and religious celebrations.

The Vikings and Nordic cultures also embraced mead, viewing it as an inspiring and valorous drink linked to their mythologies and traditions. In ancient Rome, the Romans adopted the mead tradition from Celtic and Germanic cultures. Known as “mulsum,” it was an exquisite blend of honey and wine, appreciated for its sweet and aromatic flavor.

The Romans regarded it as a luxurious and sophisticated choice for their festivities and banquets. During medieval Europe, mead became a luxury drink enjoyed by both nobility and commoners.

Throughout history, even as it declined with the arrival of other alcoholic beverages, its essence endured through the centuries.

Today, this ancient beverage has seen an exciting resurgence thanks to “cellars” like ours and fermentation enthusiasts who explore different varieties and flavors, keeping the tradition of mead alive.

We aim to continue this legacy by reviving a forgotten ancient drink and adapting it to our times.”

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Our History

and Philosophy

Mandragora Mead is the first micro-winery specialized in mead on the Balearic Islands. Located in Inca, Mallorca.

It's a family-owned business that began its commercial journey in 2021, but has been crafting recipes in an artisanal manner since 2012.

We are in a constant state of research and evolution in the world of mead, and we have gained expertise as international judges. In addition, we actively participate in various exclusive mead competitions in places like Madrid, Poland, and Mexico.

Our mission has been to revive a forgotten ancient beverage and successfully adapt it to our modern times.

We strongly believe in sustainability, and as a result, our packaging is recyclable, and we refrain from using chemicals during the production process. We prioritize high-quality raw materials, focusing on locally sourced, seasonal fruits in our 'melomel' recipes.``

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Get to Know

Our Apiary

Located in the protected area of Cala Mesquida on the 'Sa Mesquida de Dalt' estate, our apiary thrives amidst a landscape dominated by carob trees, porrasa flowers, brambles, and wild spring and autumn flora.

If you happen to visit the shores of Cala Mesquida for a swim, you might encounter a bee buzzing around that hails from our apiary. Please extend our greetings to them, and kindly be respectful of both the bees and their environment. Thank you

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